Housing insurance for inherited houses: is it possible and how to get it?

A heritage home is one of the valuable assets for many people. A legacy home can be a source of income, a place to live, or even a treasured memory of the family.

However, heritage homes also have risks that need to be anticipated, such as damage, fire, theft, or even legal disputes. Therefore, having housing insurance for inherited homes is one wise step to protect your assets.

What is housing insurance?

Housing insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial protection to homeowners in the event of loss due to certain risks that affect the House. The risks that are usually covered by housing insurance include:

  • Damage from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, hurricanes, etc.
  • Accidental damage, such as fire, explosion, building collapse, etc.
  • Theft or robbery of valuables in the House.
  • Legal liability to third parties who suffer losses due to events in or around the House.

Housing Insurance Benefits

By having housing insurance, you can get the following benefits:

  • Getting compensation in accordance with the agreed coverage in case of loss due to risks covered by the insurance policy.
  • Get legal help if involved in a legal dispute related to your home.
  • Obtain additional services from the insurance company, such as emergency assistance, claims handling, consulting, etc.
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Housing insurance for inherited homes: is it possible?

If you have an inherited home that you want to insure, you may be wondering if it can be done. The answer is yes, as long as you meet the terms and conditions set by the insurance company. Here are some things you need to pay attention to:

  • Home ownership Status. You must have proof that you are the legal owner of the inherited house, for example by presenting a will, inheritance certificate or other certificate. If the inherited house is jointly owned with other heirs, you must obtain consent from them to insure the House.
  • Condition of the House. You have to make sure that the Heritage House is still habitable and has not suffered severe damage. If any part of the house is damaged or requires renovation, you must first repair it before applying for insurance. You should also provide honest and complete information about the condition of the house to the insurance company.
  • Type and value of coverage. You must choose the type of housing insurance that suits your needs and capabilities. There are several types of housing insurance offered by insurance companies, such as:
  • Total loss only (TLO) insurance, which is insurance that only provides compensation in case of total loss due to certain risks.
  • All risk insurance, which is insurance that provides compensation for all risks that affect the house, except those excluded by the policy.
  • Comprehensive insurance, which is insurance that provides compensation for all risks that affect the house and the items in it.
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You must also determine the value of the coverage that corresponds to the market value or replacement cost of the house and the items in it. The value of this coverage will determine the amount of premium you have to pay and the amount of compensation you will receive.

How to get housing insurance for a Heritage House?

If you have met the terms and conditions set by the insurance company, you can apply for housing insurance for inherited houses in the following ways:

  • Contact your chosen insurance company and fill out the insurance application form.
  • Include the required documents, such as proof of home ownership, photos of the house, a list of items in the house, etc.
  • Waiting for the assessment and verification process from the insurance company.
  • Sign an insurance policy and pay premiums in accordance with applicable conditions.

Once you get an insurance policy, you should read it carefully and understand your rights and obligations as a policyholder. You must also maintain your inherited home properly and report any changes or events related to the home to the insurance company. In the event of a claim, you must immediately contact the insurance company and follow the established procedure.


Housing insurance for inherited homes is one way to protect your assets from risks that can cause financial losses. You can insure your inherited home if you have valid proof of ownership, habitable condition of the house, and the appropriate type and amount of coverage. You should also choose an insurance company that is trusted and has good service. Thus, you can get protection and tranquility in owning a heritage home.

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