Myths about Travel Insurance that You Should Get Rid of Your Mind – Many people are still hesitant to buy travel insurance when traveling abroad.

In fact, travel insurance is one of the important things to protect yourself and your family from various risks that may occur when traveling.

However, there are several myths that often make people reluctant to buy travel insurance.

Here are some of these myths and reasons why you should ignore them.

Myth 1: Travel insurance is not necessary if you already have health insurance

Fact: Your health insurance may not be valid in your destination country. Even if applicable, there may be certain limitations that prevent you from getting the full benefit of your health insurance.

Travel insurance can cover costs that are not covered by your health insurance, such as medical evacuation costs, emergency medical expenses, dental care costs, and others.

Myth 2: Travel insurance is not necessary if you already have a credit card

Fact: Credit cards can indeed provide some protection when you are traveling, such as accident insurance, trip cancellation insurance, or baggage loss insurance.

However, this protection is usually very limited and does not cover all the risks you may face while traveling.

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Travel insurance can provide broader and comprehensive protection, such as flight delay insurance, insurance for loss of travel documents, legal liability insurance, and others.

Myth 3: Travel insurance is unnecessary if the trip is only short

Fact: The risks that can occur when traveling do not depend on how long or short your trip is. Even on a short trip, you can have an accident, illness, loss of things, or other problems that can ruin your travel plans.

Travel insurance can provide peace of mind for you and your family when traveling, without having to worry about unexpected costs that can drain your pockets.

Myth 4: Travel insurance is unnecessary if the destination is safe

Fact: No place in the world is completely safe from all risks. Even if you travel to a country that is known to be safe and stable, you can still face unexpected emergency situations, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, political unrest, or global pandemics.

Travel insurance can help you deal with these situations by providing 24-hour assistance, financial compensation, or even early repatriation if needed.

Myth 5: Travel insurance is expensive and hard to buy

Fact: Travel insurance is actually very affordable and easy to buy. You can choose a travel insurance package that suits your needs and budget from various insurance providers available on the market.

You can also buy travel insurance online quickly and practically, without having to bother with documents or complicated administrative processes.

So, don’t let these myths deter you from buying travel insurance when traveling abroad.

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By having travel insurance, you can enjoy your trip more comfortably and calmly.

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