After the 35 Second Viral Video, Now the 35 Minute Version Appears

After the 35 Second Viral Video, Now the 35 Minute Version Appears
After the 35 Second Viral Video, Now the 35 Minute Version Appears

35 Second Viral Video, What Happens in the 35 Minute Version? – The viral video from Pacitan which was originally 35 seconds long, now has a 35 minute version.

The video contains vulgar scenes of two junior high school students in Pacitan, East Java.

The video has been circulating on social media since May 2023. The emergence of the keyword “Pacitan 35 minutes” was motivated by two events related to Pacitan.

One of them is a teacher who went viral in Pacitan, and another is the link between the phrase “35 seconds” and vulgar content.

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Pacitan Viral Video 35 Seconds or 35 Minutes?

Meanwhile, the emergence of the keywords above has made many netizens continue to provide clues. Most recently, it turns out that a number of netizens have started sharing a video of a pair of junior high school students in Pacitan with a duration of 35 minutes.

“Some say this is junior high school in Ngadirojo Pacitan, like that, guys, some say Pacitan is 17 seconds, well I don’t know, until finally someone says Pacitan is 35 minutes. That means I wasn’t wrong about 35 minutes, because here there are 35 minutes,” said one Giffme YouTuber who also discussed this keyword.

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Meanwhile, from further research, it turns out that this 35 second viral Pacitan video has been around since May 2023. This means this is not a new video.

Where, the identities of the two couples who had an intimate scene on the sofa are also known. The male is in the 3rd grade of junior high school, and the female actor is in the 2nd grade of junior high school.

The two actors are now also no longer going to school where they previously received their education. The school itself is said to have summoned the two to ask for information.

“There are a lot of videos circulating. There are scenes that are alone, there are two of them. At first they circulated in the high school group, then in the middle school group,” said one student at the school, as quoted by tvOne.

In another scene, there is also the female actor doing masturbation scenes. So far, it is not known what the motives of the two of them were for recording intimate scenes, until finally this horrendous 35-second Pacitan viral video appeared.

Tips for Good Social Media:

Social media is a way to communicate, share information, and express yourself in the digital era.

However, social media also has a negative impact if not used wisely. Here are some tips that can help you have a good and safe social media:

  1. Use a personal account with appropriate privacy settings.

Do not share personal information such as phone numbers, addresses or other important data with people you do not know or trust. Also, avoid uploading photos or videos that can harm yourself or others.

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  1. Be careful about the content you consume and share.

Social media often presents inaccurate, misleading or provocative information. Before you believe or share this information, make sure you do a fact check from a credible source. Also, avoid spreading hate speech, slander, or bullying to anyone.

  1. Be polite and respectful to fellow social media users.

Social media is a public space that can be accessed by many people with different backgrounds and views. Therefore, you should respect differences of opinion and not engage in unproductive debates or unnecessary conflicts. If you are annoyed or offended by certain content or comments, you can block, report or ignore them.

  1. Limit your time on social media.

Social media can make you addicted, stressed, or depressed if used excessively. Try to set a special schedule for accessing social media and not interfere with other important activities such as studying, working or resting. Also, don’t forget to maintain your physical and mental health by exercising, eating healthy, and socializing directly with the people closest to you.

  1. Take advantage of social media for positive and useful things.

Social media can be a means to learn new things, develop talents, be creative, share inspiration, or contribute to social change. Find communities, groups or accounts that match your interests and goals and join them. Also, don’t hesitate to give appreciation, support, or constructive suggestions to fellow social media users.

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